About Strong and Herd LLP

Strong & Herd are an outsource function to numerous companies who are unable to import or export goods themselves. This can be for technical, complex or staff related reasons.

We help produce numerous import and export guides/bibles. To achieve this we have access to numerous websites and HMRC support.

S&H are widely respected consultants in all areas of International trade. Our associate network allows coverage from finding Agents/Distributors/Customers/Suppliers to payment, including financing.

All the above combined helps S&H present factual legislative training courses, but in a fun and relaxed manner. Providing attendees with support and assistance guides for future use

S&H alliances with The Institute of Export & International Trade & International Trade (IOE), The International Chamber Of Commerce (ICC), The British Exporters Association (BEXA), Croner, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and others ensures total satisfaction and approved content.


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