Who formed the Strong & Herd Partnership?

Sandra Strong FIEx CITA


Sandra has 29 years experience in international trade from desk-level to becoming the corporate shipping manager for the Ferranti International Group until its break-up in 1993, when, after 2 years working for the receivers, Strong & Herd was formed.   She was a graduate member of the Institute of Export & International Trade (IoE) until awarded a Fellowship of the Institute in 2011 for services to UK Companies involved in all areas of international trade. She is also a Certified International Trade Advisor and a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  She is a National Councillor for the Institute of Export (and northwest branch committee member), an enthusiastic member of the British Exporters Association (BEXA) and a number of Chambers International Trade Forums.  She recently sat on the UK ICC Review Committee for the changes to the Incoterms ® 2010 rules and is active in the North West Export Hub along with HSBC, AON, Pinsent Masons, RSM Tenon, UKTI and HMRC.  She continues to have hands-on involvement in export and import on a daily basis. In addition she assists companies in operating compliant Customs procedures such as IPR, OPR, End-Use (predominantly Civil Aircraft and Military), AEO application and procedures, PCC, Intrastat reporting systems, Export Control Regulations (both UK and USA, eg ITAR) and Letter of Credit procedures. She presents practical in-company and public workshops (throughout the EU) that reflect the very latest in export and import techniques with useful tips on how to put theory into practice.  Since 1999 she has worked closely with HM Revenue & Customs in presenting awareness workshops covering all aspects of customs procedures, eg new procedures such as ECS/AEO, tariff classification, origin and preference, valuations rules.  These "spotlight" presentations focus on current issues and changes affecting companies involved in international trade. 


As Managing Partner of Strong & Herd LLP she is involved in the training courses as well as the day-to-day activity of the Shipping Office and OneCall client support services and audits/reviews/ implements Corrective Action - Best Practice programmes for company’s import, export and customs procedures in-line with HMRC standards and BIS Export Control Organisation requirements.


Sandra Strong has a regular Questions & Answers section in the Croner/IoE Trade International Digest along with the essential Compliance Watch, keeping companies aware of current and furture changes in international trade procedures.  She writes on various trade topics including tariff classification, Incoterms, letters of credit and duty relief procedures, is a regular contributor to this website's Articles section and is an adviser for the Croner Helpline and the country pages in their Reference Book for Exporters/Croner-i. She is the co-author of the "Importers' Handbook", revised Frank Dow's "Understanding Documentary Bills and Credits" for Croner Publications and has co-operated with the British Exporters Association (BeXA) in producing their excellent handbooks "A Guide to Successful Exporting" and the "Guide to International Trade Compliance".


You can even follow her on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/SandraStrong



Brian Herd M.I.Ex

Brian, one of the founding partners of the business, was a long serving member of the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOE), was elected the North West Branch Chairman in 2010 and assisted in the regeneration of this professional bodies presence in the North West of England.  He was also actively involved with the Aerospace, Defence & Security organisation (ADS – formerly the DMA), the British Exporters Association (BEXA) and the International Chamber of Commerce. He was in most corporate areas related to international trade including purchasing and materials management before becoming the Export Control Manager for the Ferranti International Group based in the Legal Department at their corporate head office.  He specialised in UK and USA export licensing controls helping businesses to understand if and how they are caught by these regulations, how to practically administer compliance and the day-to-day handling of export controlled shipments.  Brian was a UK advisor on the USA extra-territoriality regulations for both the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


As a founding partner of Strong & Herd LLP, Brian skills included purchasing techniques, contract and legal aspects, export control decisions and the physical movement of goods for client companies. Brian's presentations included Export Control Compliance, US Re-export Regulations, International Purchasing Skills, Incoterms and other more basic courses on export procedures and freight forwarding issues. Brian was named by the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA – now ADS) in 2004 as one of three trainers in the UK competent to present training on the new Export Control Act.  Brian was also well known for his articles in such publications as Croner and "International Trade Today" on a variety of topics both serious and more humourous views of the exporting and importing world.  

Sadly Brian died in June 2018 and, though he had been retired from "active duty" his common sense approach and cheeky sense of humour is greatly missed within S&H and by our clients.


Anthony Griffiths M.I.Ex, IOTL


Anthony is a member of the Institute of Export, affiliated to the Institute of Logistics & Transport and an active, energetic member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) working on the UK-ICC National Review Committee on the Incoterms ® Rules. He has 32 years of experience in International Shipping + Logistics.  He has held numerous positions including Domestic + International Transport Management, Warehouse Management and most recently European Leader for the physical logistics arm of Garrett, a wholly owned subsidiary of global giant Honeywell Inc.

Anthony has experience of both sides of Customer/Freight Forwarder relationships and in numerous industry fields such as Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, Retail and Textiles.

Anthony has undertaken and managed numerous large projects, including 3PL, 4PL, Low Cost Sourcing, Plant closure/relocation to Eastern Europe, Lean Manufacturing (physical) and Regionalisation and heads up S&H's Business Support Programmes for our larger clients, helping them set up Customs Warehouses, Duty Relief Procedures around the EU.


Anthony was certified under 6Sigma as a black belt and is aware of the importance of procedures and strong internal controls and since becoming a partner of Strong & Herd LLP in 2004 has worked on many projects restructuring company’s customs compliance procedures in a cost effective and easy to use way.  Anthony is fully conversant with IPR, OPR, End-use (both civil aircraft and Military, especially), Letters of Credit, the Incoterms ® rules, Tariff classification, Intrastat and Customs audits, amongst a wide range of other useful skills and knowledge connected to global trade and cross-border trading.  He is an active member of the North West Export Hub along with HSBC, AON, Pinsent Masons, RSM Tenon, UKTI and HMRC which aims to give comfort to new and small companies either starting in or seeking to expand their overseas sales.


An excellent communicator, Anthony is mainly involved in the training courses public and in-company but continues to have hands-on involvement in export and import when his busy schedule allows and enjoys the interaction with the Shipping Office and OneCall clients.  He had run Incoterms ® 2010 rules training sessions for major companies around the EU, Switzerland and recently Azerbaijan.  His in-company activities include audits/reviews, implementation of Corrective Action - Best Practice programmes for company’s import, export and customs procedures in-line with HMRC standard requirements. He is an adviser for the Croner Helpline and the country pages for both the Croner Reference Book for Exporters and the on-line reference guide Croner-i, mainly in the areas of Incoterms, export documentation, customs procedures and pre-shipment inspection matters.


Anthony will not go on twitter ... but is a linkedin fan:  you can follow him at http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/anthony-griffiths/2a/710/694 where he kindly shows the company's tweets http://twitter.com/StrongHerdLLP






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