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Free compliance guides published by BEXA (the British Export Association) on finance and export topics supplied in conjunction with Strong and Herd LLP.

Strong & Herd LLP were part of the team of writers for the 6th BeXA Guide - The Guide to Successful Exporting - and the new 8th Guide published May 2011 - The Guide to Export Compliance. 

We are pleased to provide these Guides free of charge to any interested party (subject to availability).  Just add them to you basket - below are all the free BeXA guides available through Strong & Herd LLP

The BeXA Guide to Export Compliance
Ref: BEX8


As with previous guides, this Guide to Export Compliance is written by exporters for exporters together with their service providers and financiers, and concentrates mainly on management of the risks and processes that together contribute to making sure the export is delivered successfully.

Includes sections on the new UK Bribery Act, Financial and Customs compliance, Supply Chain Security (eg AEO) and Export Licensing Controls.  Compliance is a legal obligation and affects us all but it is not just an administrative chore. It is a vital link in the exporting chain and needs to be given due time and attention. Get it wrong and your goods won’t arrive, your customer will be let down and your competitors will step in.

Published May 2011

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The BeXA Guide to Financing Exports
Ref: BEX7

Few exporters are in the position of selling something that customers will routinely pay in advance to receive, thus creating a gap in cash-flow.  Furthermore, the very process of exporting takes time, and so your overseas customers may want longer payment terms than are customary for UK trade.  This guide was written in the spring and summer of 2009 when there was the added impact of a severe downturn in trade and company finances, leading to customers asking for longer credit terms.  Finance is not a solution for other problems, but it can be a powerful tool in winning new business.

This guide has sections on financing without using banks, financing working capital and invoices, transactional trade finance, back-to-back and transferable letters of credit, bonds, leasing and ECGD support.

First published October 2009

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The BeXA Guide to On-Demand Contract Bonds
Ref: BEX2

This guide tackles the tricky subject of bonds issued in connection with export contracts, specifically on-demand bonds.  It is a tricky subject because the exporter procuring the issue of such a bond is, in a sense, saying to the customer: "Here you are, help yourself to my money whenevery you like."  There may be very good reasons for requiring such an arrangement but the fact but it does pose difficulties for exporters and banks alike.

This guide includes sections explaining what an on-demand contract bond is and how it is viewed by customers, banks, exporters and courts and the URDG.  It also gives advise on what to watch out for, extending and paying and what to do if a bond is "called" fairly or unfairly.

First published October 2004

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