Option B: Presentation/Workshop

Often training is needed to solve a particular problem or bring staff up-to-speed on new procedures (whether internal or external compliance issues). Seminars touch on the basic practical principles but by combining a general overview with an across the desk practical workshop using your own systems, paperwork, procedures and problems your company obtains a unique training experience. Can include an overview, useful for staff not directly involved in the export/import activity but who need to know where they fit in to the procedures to avoid communication problems, as well as practical "coal-face" guidance and procedures. This option also includes the option for a telephone "Help-Line" and back-up support systems.

Recent examples include:

Letters of Credit Presentation & Workshop

Morning: general overview for export sales staff giving checklists for practical use in the field.

Afternoon: workshop for accounts/export office staff who prepare banking documents reviewing the companies procedures against the rules and constructing useful guidelines.

Export Control

Half-day overview of export procedures to make all staff aware of the seriousness of compliance and highlighting basic principles of order acceptance, application timescales, etc. Workshop day with practical guidance on completing application forms and a dummy DTI audit reviewing records and assessing potential problems and compliance issues.

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