Option E: Customs Compliance Check

Have your own internal audit for a day

Don't wait for the axe of non-compliance to fall on your head - enjoy the warm feeling of knowing that your export/import procedures are in line with H.M. Customs requirements. Book a Strong & Herd pre-Customs audit compliance check and be sure that what you do matches best practice. Make your next Customs audit a routine and not a nightmare

Important areas covered:

  • The Customs view (What they look for)
  • IPR & OPR Duty relief regimes
  • Commodity code accuracy
  • Freight agent control and instruction basis
  • Customs reporting
  • Intrastat
  • Invoice declarations (import and export)
  • VAT payments and recording
  • Preference statements (evidence of validity)
  • Customs acceptable Record-keeping
  • Valuation Rules check
  • Customs checklist
  • Duty deferment account

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