Practical import/ export training essential for your professional development

Import and Export Training Courses

Strong & Herd LLP has practical and relevant export training and import training which aims to enhance the export and import performance and customs compliance levels of businesses. Look at our wide range of international trade training and customs compliance topics on offer as public courses – all delivered by experienced, accredited & specialist tutors. Many key topics available as an on-line training option. We can also provide a cost-effective way to improve the skills of your international trade teams by delivering tailored programmes on any customs/ import and export related topic of your choosing. Whether you want one-to-one training development programmes or have a number of people to train the advantages of the in-company option can include:

  • Convenience as timings are suited to your required dates.
  • Less disruption to work schedules, confidentiality and direct relevance to company needs
  • Value for money as the charges are per event rather than per person.
  • Time savings - all the work involved in designing the training activity.
  • Freedom of expression - attendees can talk openly in the knowledge that competitors are not present.
  • S&H LLP is accredited to issue Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points on public and incompany events

Please be advised that Strong & Herd LLP will retain details related to this booking and attendance details as supplied to us on our secure client database . This is in accordance with our privacy policy (copy available on request) and related only to enable us to provide the required service and for the assessment of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for the issuance of relevant certificates/ qualifications. This information will not be used for marketing purposes as information and marketing emails are only sent to people who have opted in to receive them.

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