Authorised Economic Operator Status

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Status how Strong & Herd LLP can help you do it yourself or take the work away from you.


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)


An AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a business established in the UK or wider EU and involved in the international supply chain. It has proven itself to be compliant and trustworthy from a trading point of view.

A company awarded AEO status has achieved an internationally recognised quality mark, which effectively signals to trading partners, customers and potential customers that such a company is ‘safe’ to trade. AEO is desirable for traders serious about competing  for, and winning, new business.

AEO status is achieved by satisfying certain specific criteria. The auditor is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The audit can cover one of either (or both) of the following subject areas:  1) Customs compliance; 2) Safety and security.

For companies with good existing procedures and practices in place, it may be only a modest leap to AEO status.

The time has never been better to consider and embrace AEO status. Any company competing for work, which involves the use of an international supply chain, is increasingly likely to be asked about its knowledge of AEO or whether it has, or is working toward AEO status. In some instances not being an AEO will eliminate a company from the competition.

The benefits of being an AEO are quietly appreciated by those enjoying this status, whilst those that are unaware of it, or misunderstand  its’ significance, do so to their detriment. 

How can Strong & Herd LLP assist companies with the above?

  1. Public Training
    Authorised Economc Operator ( AEO) Status
  2. In-company training - Click here  to enquire about a Strong & Herd LLP Seminar  
  3. Business SupportClick Here to view how Strong & Herd LLP can help

    We can help your company to achieve AEO accreditation including :-
  • Preparation

    1. Free checklist/ on-line quiz for awareness
    2. Free on-line awareness session about AEO with some practical exercises – to last max 1 hour, probably less preferred.  It can link to the free information on businesslink to give potential clients an overview of the system.  It will be positive, outlining the benefits of AEO and link to the next stages
    3. Paid session on-line – this will assist the client to make a decision whether they want to go for AEO and how much work it will be.  We can promote our product within this training in a subtle way. 



    1. One day public training/ general overview – this will guide the client into what they have to do, which departments of a company have to be involved and take them through the different areas of the SAQ: Normal S&H training fee £315.00 per delegate Manchester; £495.00 London
    2. One day public training concentration on an overview of  Section 5 of the SAQ (Safety & Security) to explain terminology and expectation of HMRC: £315.00 per delegate
    3. The above can be done as in-company training options which would include a section on how to convince management of the benefits of AEO and planning next steps. 


    1. Management Team Meeting – 3 hour visit to discuss how they can work on their AEO application and whether it is right for them (now or later).  Limited to max of 3 people from client’s company in the meeting.  Includes brief risk assessment and brief next step overview.  If further work given to the AEO People some of all of this fee is removed from the addition work costs.
    2. Do-it –Yourself assistance (DOYA).  Help complete the GAP analysis, assess the GAPs and completing the SAQ.  
    3. External Review – Sense checking/ Process Mapping.  Help a client to make sense of what they have done already with regard to AEO applications. Review the client’s GAP and/or SAQ and assess their “readiness” and complete an action plan on how to get to the stage that HMRC will accept and action the application. 

    Stage 4: Full Consultancy/ helpline

    1. The AEO Management Partnership (AMP) Full consultancy with a business support package.  To be contracted on a 6 month or annual term (preferred) at a monthly set fee based on 1st estimate of work with additional discounted prices for any subsequent work contracted outside of the origin agreement.  This utilises S&H onecall management system with the client being giving on-line access to their account so they can view work being done; they will get a membership number, eg AMP120913A (ie expired 12th Sept 2013)

    Scope of work:

    1. Gap Analysis
    2. Action Plan/ KPIs and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
    3. Help with procedures and any awareness/ training requirement
    4. Completion of SAQ and monitoring HMRC acceptance through to action
    5. HMRC audit/ information management with HMRC
    6. Aftercare – maintenance of AEO/ how to keep it

    Stage 5: Aftercare & Maintenance

    1. After approval support – this can utilise S&H onecall management system as BSP to distinguish them from AMP clients with  10 hours additional support after they have been granted AEO for the 1st year and then they can buy additional support the year after. 
    2. Revalidation audit – either bought as part of the full package 10 or charged out separately
    3. Assessing your current status in line with both the Customs Simplifications and Safety & Security areas before the revalidation audit by HMRC
    4. AEO status suspended - let us help you get it back

    Additional Support

    1. Additional support and training  – this includes up-skilling, training in areas such as supply chain security, tariff classification, duty relief procedures, valuation, origin/preference, export controls, hazardous goods, etc and obtaining accredited training
    2. Educational qualifications available  at Level 4 and 5 available


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