DGSA Refresher


This is a three day course designed assist existing Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors in preparation for sitting the Scottish Qualifications Agency exam. It is a huge benefit to DGSA’s who may not come across a wide variety of problems or challenges in their normal duties, but who need to show that knowledge in a time limited exam.

This is a three day intensive course, which examines the changes in regulations since the candidates last DGSA exam, but also refreshes exam technique and widens the knowledge base of the candidate to reflect the changes in the regulations away from their own industries.

Does the thought of refreshing your DGSA qualification seem daunting? The thought of trawling through regulation to answer questions in that time limited exam situation put you off?

But would losing the qualification possibly cause your company additional costs and difficulty

We can help you in refreshing the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor qualification

On this course you will learn all the changes in the Dangerous Goods world. The course guides you back through the regulatory environment step by step, and prepares you thoroughly for the vocational exam set by the Scottish Qualifications Agency.

The course is an intensive 3 day programme which revisits the structure of the regulations, the cross referencing required, and the correct way to apply the regulations to everyday and exceptional problems that may occur in your workplace.

The course focuses on exam technique, with plenty of guides and help in finding the right answers quickly and in a professional manner.

Topics we will be revisiting

  • Introduction        What is your role as the DGSA?
  • Responsibilities What are the duties of the DGSA and the enterprises that employ them
  • Basic rules           What changes in the handling and transport of dangerous goods have occured
  • Classification       Identification and classification dangerous substances and mixtures
  • Special rules        Extra provisions, for substances, packaging, bulk or tank transport
  • Exemptions         Excepted Quantity, Limited Quantity, and Transport Categories
  • Packaging             Selection of the correct packaging, IBC’s Tanks or bulk vehicle use
  • Consignment       Marking and labelling, transport and emergency documentation        
  • Construction        Tank, bulk and packaging construction, approval and testing
  • Transport             How to load and segregate substances, training and licensing rules

Additionally applying new UK variations in the dangerous goods regulations to domestic shipments

Refreshing your auditing skills within your organisation, preparing accident/incident reports

Dealing with VOSA or Shipping problems.

How to use exam techniques to ensure efficient time use in the DGSA exams

The course is fully up to date, using current regulation and legislation.

Delegates will receive a up to date set of course notes, with quizzes built in.

This includes a detailed explanation of the classes and requirements.


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