Duty Relief Regimes

When goods arrive in the EU from outside, they are subject to import duties & taxes. This raises the cost of the goods for importers. HM Revenue & Customs have identified the need to remain competitive in the global market-place and so have developed a number of regimes that can reduce or remove these costs. These are called Customs Special Procedures (SP) or Duty Relief Regimes. They are an important way of reducing costs for today’s busy businesses.

They include Inward Processing Relief (IP) - including processing options for the UK/EU market, Customs Warehouse (CW), End Use (EnU), Tariff Quotas (TQ), Tariff Suspensions (TS), Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP), Preference, Temporary Admissions (TA), Return Goods Relief (RGR) , ) and Outward Processing Relief (OP) to name just a few of the many options available.


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