Excise Duty

Excise Duty in the UK is a national tax charged on oil products such as petrol and diesel, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. It is payable on all such products consumed in the UK, whether they are manufactured in the UK or brought to the UK from another EU member state or imported from a country outside the EU.

Although the structure of excise duties is harmonised across the EU the rates of duty and the detailed mechanisms for accounting for the duty are not. EU member states are free to set duties at the level they choose provided they comply with a mandatory minimum rate level for each product.

Issues to be considered by companies with an excise duty liability include setting up and operating excise duty “bonded” or “duty suspended” warehouses, establishing and paying the correct amount of excise duty, and ensuring that excise products are controlled when they move between excise warehouses.

The high level of UK excise duty rates means that non-compliance with HMRC rules can result in a large duty liability in a very short period.


How can Strong and Herd LLP assist companies with the above? 


Excise duty compliance

We can help you to ensure that you have the necessary approvals, authorisations and licences to operate in an excise duty environment and that you have the necessary processes and procedures in place to help you pay the right amount of excise duty at the right time.

Excise duty advice
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We can advise on business expansion projects that involve excise duty liability, including helping you to identify the key excise duty risks and how to control them.

Excise duty classroom training

We hold regular “Introduction to Excise Duties” courses that give you and your employees an overview of the basics excise duty.

Excise duty in-company training
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We can tailor the “Introduction to Excise Duties course” to meet your exact requirements and deliver it directly to your employees at your premises.

Excise duty online training

We have a number of online modules covering different aspects of excise duty.

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