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Quick summary of how Strong & Herd LLP assists businesses in the areas of international trade. We aim to provide the best solutions for your particular needs and that isn't always training - look at the options of how we can work together. We tailor all our business partnerships.

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Corrective Action Planning - Export Control & Customs Issues

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Capacity Building in Customs & Export Control Compliance

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AnchorS&H Customs Compliance Healthchecks, Audit and Procedures

S&H LLP work alongside HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the Department for International Trade (DIT) and law firms see a number of businesses already in trouble in some area of international trade regulations.  There appears to be two main reasons - they weren't aware of the law and/or the person who used to do it left. 

We can help put Corrective Action Plans in place if you have been found wanting in a particular area of international trade compliance BUT we would prefer to be called in BEFORE you are in trouble.  (Too late? See below) It only takes a little slip for a COMPLIANT company to end up with a COMPLAINT, let us help by doing a pre-Customs or pre-BIS audit.  We will issue a detailed report on your current level of compliance in the areas you have asked us to review and then, if required, we can work together or give you guidance on a Correction Action Plan.  We have template approved "procedure" guidelines in all areas of customs and export control compliance which are provided for guidance in creating your own quality procedures.

We are skilled in putting the pieces of compliance together and writing quality procedures which use your current processes to enhance compliance.  We can either work alongside a project manager from your company or provide you with a project manager who will ensure larger compliance projects keep to agreed timescales. 

We often work on 12 months agreements, with most of the key work done within the first 2-4 months of the agreement, the additional months are so that S&H LLP team can be in the background to assist with telephone and email helpline support and re-audit towards the end of the project to ensure things are working. Contact us for more information, visit the COMPLIANCE section of our website or see more information at: 

Customs Audit Compliance Checks

Procedural Health Checks

In-Company Solutions

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AnchorCorrective Action Planning

Are you a business already in a situation where you need assistance in sorting out areas of the business being checked by either HMRC or DIT?  Strong & Herd LLP can help you mitigate fines, put together a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), write procedures and build up internal knowledge in areas such as dual-use goods and military export licensing controls, end-use and end-user issues with regard to non-proliferation, USA re-export and export controls under EAR and ITAR and all areas Customs Compliance, eg tariff classification, valuation, evidence of export for VAT, origin and preference, etc

We work alongside law firms to ensure you get the best advice and employing us in your Corrective Action Planning shows the authorities that you are taking the situation seriously, doing your very best to tighten up internal controls and become a best practice business.  We act under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or confidentiality agreements.

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Also see training options below

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AnchorShipping Office Services

  • Developed from the Business Support Packages to allow you to outsource all or part of your international trade functions as and when required
  • Bespoke agreement based on the following but subject to negotiation depending on the amount of work to be undertaken by S&H LLP
  • Normal working hours apply and work will be undertaken to suit S&H LLP commitment to other clients
  • Hourly support rate = £90.00 per hour
  • Minimum monthly charge = £400.00 per month
  • Required annual agreement

See specific link to Shipping Office Services

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AnchorFilling in forms

Do you need to complete an application form for HMRC or UK DIT and not sure how to go about completing the form or finding the supporting information.  We can help - either as part of the Business Support Partnership or OneCall Service or as a one-off payment we will either help you fill the form in or do the work for you.  Here are a few of the forms we can assist in completing:

Customs Related Forms

  • Binding Tariff Information (BTI) Rulings
  • Application for Approved Exporter under Preference (Form 1454)
  • Application for Special Procedures (SPs) - eg Inward Processing Relief, Outward Processing Relief, Customs Warehousing, CFSP, etc
  • Application and Self Assessment Questionaire (SAQ) for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) approval - both under Customs Simplifications and Safety & Security
  • Risk Assessment and Management Self Assessment under AEO requirements
  • Binding Origin Information (BOI) Rulings
  • Certificate of Origin
  • ATA Carnets

Export Controls

  • The International Import Certificate (IIC) often required in support of export licence applications
  • Export Licence Applications via SPIRE
  • SPIRE registration
  • Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) Annual reports for the use of OGELs

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AnchorBespoke Business Support Solutions

  • Designed for businesses without an internal department/ team dedicated to international trade and customs matters
  • S & H LLP become your outsourced shipping department undertaking tasks such as: negotiating transport deals, ensuring compliance with HMRC customs requirements at import and export, applying for and controlling customs duty relief procedures appropriate to your business needs or the day-to-day handling of your international freight movements
  • This is a bespoke package based on an estimate of usage over a 12 months period
  • Subject to an annual agreement, the service is charged on a pro-rata monthly invoice.
  • Monthly activity reports and regular reviews ensure the service level is accurate and check that your business is not falling behind current compliance issues and customs management opportunities.

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AnchorCapacity Building in customs and export control compliance

Need to bring a team of people up to speed in customs and/or export control issues - call in our Capacity Building experts.  We will help you put together a Compliance Action Plan - starting with a Risk Assessment - and then design specific sessions for the team to ensure the knowledge is there, help write internal procedures, flow diagrams, checklists, etc, set up a training register and stay in the background to support your now skilled staff in their day-to-day work.  

We also aim to increase the professional qualifications of the team involved either through formal education or certified training.  This can include an annual external audit by our top customs and export control auditors.

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Check out our free on-line introduction to International Trade Compliance

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AnchorOneCall Helpline

  • Three levels of support designed for businesses who already have a logistics, customs or shipping department
  • S&H LLP provide telephone and email assistance as and when required - a one-call solution for all your import, export and customs enquiries
  • This service lets you call our office with minor enquiries so we can guide you to the correct places for information, reinforce your understanding of procedures or answer your questions immediately.  
  • The three different levels are based on estimate annual usage, eg 2 hour a year, 2 hours a quarter or 2 hours a month.
  • “Top-up” hours and migration across the levels is available.
  • Includes a regular “Did You Know?” update email covering international trade topics

What is OneCall?

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AnchorS&H Public or In-Company Training Options

With a team of highly professional, practical trainers we are able to offer a wide range of training courses, workshops and on-line packages.  These can easily be bespoked to meet your own special requirements, and, as no two companies are the same, we pride ourselves on ensuring bespoke, in-house courses are specially designed for you.  For more information see:

Public Training

In-company Training

Presentation Workshops

One-to-One Development

On-line training

Personal Development

or just Contact us for more information


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