Tariff Classification

Tariff classification has recently been described as the most important activity related to importing and exporting by numerous senior authorities. It is the task of allocating a pre-set customs number to your product description, this then sets up your future import/export activities accordingly.

This number has numerous names Commodity Code, Tariff number, HS code, HTS code etc

UK HMRC now link all these(and more)  subjects to the commodity code:

  • Import licence
  • Export licence
  • Duty rate
  • VAT rate
  • Other taxes – excise, anti-dumping duty etc
  • Document requirements
  • Preference rates
  • Tariff quotas
  • Tariff suspensions
  • Statistics

How can Strong & Herd LLP assist companies with the above?

 Public training

Tariff Classification 

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Business support

a.      Assist with Binding Tariff Information Ruling 

b.      Assist with classification 

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