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Shine a light on the Customs facilities available to importers and exporters which give opportunities to minimise import duty payments and ensure compliance with customs procedures. Training on Customs Regulations and Procedures is held in London, Manchester, Gateshead and Belfast or at your premises.


Customs compliance is checked by HMRC under an audit system so you must be aware of the customs procedures that affect your business.  Companies can be held responsible for errors on import and export declarations made to customs for a period of three years. With the introduction of the Finance Act provisions on Senior Accounting Officers and the upcoming integration of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) system the customs audit takes on even more significance than it did before.HMRC are putting more responsibilities on traders and intend to run stricter audits with the hope of rating companies as "compliant" so they can concentrate on non-compliant companies

Key topics in a Customs Audit training programmes are listed below click on the links for more information or look at options for more general international trade trainingexport training, import training, letter of credit training or export licensing training:


Surviving a Customs Audit

Essential guide on preparing your organisation for customs audits, includes a look at AEO requirements - with practical tips and case studies through-out. . Even without this change in HMRC policy and the introduction of civil penalties and fines on both import and export errors a company should be able to self-audit rather than await the Customs visit. The aim of the day is to run through standard procedural requirements, the documents to be retained, tools to assist your organisation as well as looking at special responsibilities for duty relief regimes, valuation issues, preference and Intrastat.


International Trade Compliance Manager

This course looks at compliance from a customs point of view and shows how to promote a strong "Compliance Culture" throughout the organisation (from Directors through to hands-on staff), to meet external regulators and HMRC's requirements. It will assist in understanding all international regulatory laws and looks at how to develop, implement and manage various branches through the EU/Worldwide (including liaison with all cross functional areas, such as HR, accounts, purchasing,sales, finance etc to develop optimal solutions to maintain compliance) and how to establish performance metrics, administer internal audits and maintain compliant record keeping.


Essential Guide to Customs Procedures

The seminar is aimed at importers and exporters looking to improve the profitability of their international trade activities. 


Advanced Guide to Customs Procedures

One-day practical workshop follows on from the Essential Guide to Customs Procedures and is aimed at delegates with some international trade knowledge. Among aims of the course is to guide you to a higher standard of compliance with import and export legislation so you can face customs audits with confidence. 


Tariff Classification Explained

Designed for anyone involved in classifying goods whether for import, export or EU trade statistical purposes to give the 3 main tips on understanding tariff classification and finding the correct commodity codes for your goods


What's New: Customs & International Trade Procedures

How do you keep up to date in this every changing world of customs procedures and export documentation requirement? This one-day course gives a summary of key changes that have affected international trade in the last 12 months and a look ahead to future changes. Catch up in a fun one-day interactive session with like-minded people.


Customs Warehousing & Duty Relief Procedures

More companies than ever before are now considering a customs warehouse as a vital piece in their supply chain. Severe financial practicalities are forcing companies to save money with duty relief regimes. This course provides a practical guide into the benefits, improvements, admin and operational requirements that need to be considered before operating these schemes.


Inward Processing Relief - IP- Workshop

Inward Processing Relief (IP) can save you a lot of money but can also prove quite a headache! Whether you already operate IP, or would just like to know more, this practical workshop unravels the mysteries.


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Workshop

This full day presentation and workshop explains what the Authorised Economic Operator Status is but, more importantly, in workshop sessions examines whether being an AEO will benefit your own organisation or whether staying outside the AEO system will have a detrimental effect on your business


Preference & Origin Rules Explained

A confusing yet important area of customs procedures join this workshop to get a clear understanding of the benefits of preferential trade and the rules of origin. Whether buying (you save the money) or selling (giving the buyer a discount without YOU losing money!) - this clear presentation is a must for anyone with limited knowledge of customs procedures or just want an overview of this area of international trade.


CHIEF Data Entry

CHIEF Entry Training Course covering how to Complete a customs entry at import or export CHIEF/ C88/ SAD/ CFSP/ NES Import Entry or Export Entry or IP diversion entry.  Constantly updated with regard to the HMRC new computer systems being adopted 2018/2019 - the Customs Declarations Services (CDS) programme


Understanding Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) are growing in number daily.  This advanced course looks at this particular area of international trade and customs procedures.  A must of any company signing supplier declarations, issuing EUR1 Forms or buying under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP).


Customs Valuation Explained

All goods need to be valued correctly for customs purposes whether it is a sale or free of charge movement. The WTO Valuation Agreement lays down specific Rules of valuing goods for customs purposes and it is an important area of international trade compliance. In this day we will review the Articles of the WTO Agreement, the 6 Methods of Valuation, establishing Transfer Prices of Customs Purposes but all with a practical objective. Previous experience or prior attendance on Import or Export Essentials is recommended


Advanced Guide to Import Procedures - the Importers' Workshop

Practical 2 day interactive training course a follow-up to Import Essentials or for those already experienced in import procedures this interactive course covering all aspects of import procedures is a must.


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