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Strong and Herd offer a range of UK Export Training services covering export procedures and export documentation which includes public training courses and in-company bespoke training courses. You can book all of our courses online.

Offering a range of Export Training services covering areas of export documentation and export procedures S&H are one of the highest regarded export training companies in the UK.

Our public export training courses are regularly delivered and available for online booking. We also have a number of in-house export training courses that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Below are a range of export training courses regulary run from a number of location across the United Kingdom.


Export Essentials

An Introduction to Exporting. This highly regarded one-day course is designed to offer basic grounding in export procedures. Covering the key points of exporting including export documentation and working with freight forwarders, it is ideal for all newcomers to export and as an overview for those whose job has an export connection.  

The Export Course

A useful follow-up to Export Essentials, or for those already experienced in export procedures.  This two-day course covers the main aspects of export in a practical, clear and comprehensive way that is, above all, relevant to today's exporters


Introduction to Export Marketing & Sales

This seminar provides an overview of some of the marketing and sales approaches to be undertaken to ensure successful market entry. The content can be of benefit to decision takers who are either at an early stage in developing overseas business or to the experienced exporter who seeks a reassessment of their approach


Incoterms 2010 Rules Explained

Incoterms training is essential as it protects companies during contractual disputes. Find out why ExWorks is a dangerous term and how businesses go wrong with buying or selling under DDP. What is the best Incoterms 2010 rule for you --- join our interactive incoterms workshop to learn more


Managing Agents & Distributors

Possessing a good product, competitively priced, and launched into the appropriate market is not a guarantee for success. Many exporters can gain competitive advantage by selecting the right local partner. These benefits do not occur by accident. This course discusses the critical issues such as the type of distribution available, who and how to select and appoint, then how to successfully manage from a distance


Improving Export Sales Performance

The key aim of this unique course is to provide established exporters, and in particular decision takers, with a health check to ensure they are maximising their opportunities.  Also, take advantage of our interactive workshop session on developing an Export 5 Year Plan


Direct Shipping: A Management Appreciation of Modern Supply Chain Logistics

Modern supply chains requirements need a greater understanding of overseas countries. Buying goods in one country - selling to another country; why bring them into the UK? Ship Direct! But if this isn't done with skill and total awareness of the requirements - commercial, legal and practical - then it can turn into an expensive disaster. This presentation will help clarify the confusing aspects for a potentially risky operation and ensure you can set up a working procedure


Introduction to UK Export Licensing Controls

Ideal for beginners or people who need an awareness of this complicated area. Dual-use, military goods - end user undertakings, SPIRE: this course brings all this together in a practical session ideal for anyone wanting an appreciation of the topic. Also good for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge of this complicated world of export control compliance.


Letters of Credit Workshop for Exporters

Letters of Credit Training at its best, informative, practical and fun - yes fun! Ideal for anyone new to letters of credit procedures at export or who wants a general overview or practical refresher.


Advanced Guide to Letters of Credit & Finance

Designed to enhance exporters knowledge of the payment system. A one-day practical workshop suitable for export sales managers and administrators, finance and shipping teams who regularly receive or handle Letters of Credit. It is assumed that delegates will already have a basic knowledge of how Letters of Credit work and fit into the payment strategy of the business.


Essential Guide to Customs Procedures

This one-day seminar shines light on the Customs facilities available to importers and exporters which give opportunities to minimise import duty payments and ensure compliance with customs procedures. Particular emphasis is given to the duty relief regimes, eg IPR/OPR, the tariff and preference rules and valuation issues.  London venue only


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