How do we decide whether to apply for AEO status?

This is a difficult question to answer generally. Firstly it depends on your role in the international supply chain and how your company views the benefits of having this form of accreditation. It seems likely that companies may have pressure brought on them to become AEO approved by other members of the supply chain, for the transportation industry, forwarders, carriers, warehouse operators, etc or international players, overseas customers, suppliers and so on. It is important to consider whether not being AEO approved will be perceived as a negative by your trading partners and if this would affect your business. The only way to start is to set out a formal planning committee or discussion group (involving all relevant departments) within your business assessing the pro’s and con’s for your on-going business. This should involving contacting key customers to find out their view and trying to find out what your competitors are doing. If you decide to go ahead with the application you will then need to allocate time and a budget and (in some instances) be prepared to make changes to your current business practices.


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