If we decide to apply for AEO Status how do we do it?

There is an application form and Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) on GOV.UK website but before you get to that stage you need to do internal checks on your current processes and procedures. We recommend you do not submit your application until satisfied that your company is compliant. HMRC and a number of consultancy and accountancy companies are able to assist in this self-audit process if required. The first step is to obtain the AEO questionnaire (SAQ) available on GOV.UK website or you can contact the Customs helpline on 0845 0109000 for a copy. You then need to go through each of the sections and review your current level of compliance. The documents you need are Customs Notice 117, Applications Form C117, C117 completion notes, AEO Questionnaire Form C118 and C118 completion notes.


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