What areas of business will be looked at during the AEO accreditation audit?

Though this differs depending on which type of AEO approval you apply for (Security and Safety/ Customs Simplifications or both) the questionnaire and subsequent audit covers the following areas:

  • the nature of your business, including all site locations;
  • the names of people responsible for controlling the supply chain
  • a guide to the volume and type of international (non-EC) business
  • information on your customs procedures, internal control systems and record keeping for customs purposes
  • statement about your compliance record with customs, eg non-compliances, procedure for notifying customs of errors
  • full financial information (anyone who has been through Sarbannes-Oxley will have no problem with this section) including internal audit procedures, accounting systems, record keeping, etc.
  • financial and solvency status check
  • physical security of the premises and procedure on-site to maintain security
  • physical movement and storage of goods, including procedure check
  • information on checks you make on your suppliers
  • employment and recruitment policies and procedures and the use of external services, eg cleaning companies, security guards, etc. 


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