We supply goods to an unrelated company in another EU Member State which can be subject to transfer price adjustments at a later date. If prices are adjusted do I have to submit corrected Intrastat data once the true value is known?

Yes. You should submit corrected data via the on line system, as described in paragraph 6.3 of the Intrastat General Guide (Notice 60 – version 2016). Use the on line amendment form  at https://www.uktradeinfo.com/Intrastat/ElectronicSubmission/OnlineAmendments/Pages/OnlineAmendmentsForm.aspx.

Remember that you can only submit Intrastat data and make amendments electronically, paper forms were discontinued on 1/4/2012.

NB: You only need to submit a correction if the value of the error exceeds the thresholds shown in paragraph 6.3 of Notice 60. 


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