Why do I have to declare net mass on the Intrastat supplementary declaration? It's yet another piece of information I've got to try and find and it doesn't seem to have much purpose.

Net mass must be declared whenever a supplementary unit (e.g. no. of pieces, cubic metres etc.) is not required. It may seem a pointless exercise, but don’t forget that for some commodities, net mass is a far more relevant measure than value. Value can depend on commercial pressures and can fluctuate wildly, whereas the weight of goods generally remains constant.

NB Very rarely do goods travel without some form of ‘weight note’. After all, a truck driver will want to know if his rear axle will take the weight of the load and a pilot will be keen to be sure he can take off! Someone in your organisation will have the information. If you’re responsible for the Intrastat SD, you need to ensure that a line of communication is set up so that information about weight and any other specific measure (e.g. no. of pairs) for every consignment reaches you.


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