We recently sent a shipment to Lebanon with a EUR1 Form which was stamped through a Chamber of Commerce electronic system. The goods have been delayed at Customs in Lebanon and we have been told that they will not accept the EUR1 form because it has not been correctly stamped. Are they able to do this?

We understand that HM Revenue & Customs received notification from the Lebanese Customs authorities, saying they will NOT accept EUR1 certificates with the electronically reproduced stamps and signatures. This has been circulated, we understand, to Chambers of Commerce, so they should only be manually stamping and signing EUR1 Forms for Lebanon. We have been told that there are some other countries not currently accepting EUR1 Forms with electronic signatures. They are: Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Egypt and Croatia. EC Customs are working on this with their counterparts in the receiving countries as the goal is to have 100% electronic stamping. UK Chambers of Commerce should always have live information as updates occur. EUR1 can be reprinted with non-electronic signature to replace if necessary. As of 1st January 2018 list of countries not accepting electronic version is: Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland and Croatia.


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