We have a problem in Malaysia with a shipment we sent under an ATA Carnet. The goods were for demonstration purposes only and should have returned to the UK after a month or so. The company in Malaysia like the goods and wants to place a very lucrative order but they also want to keep the demo item and our sales manager has agreed. I have been tasked with sorting out the Carnet. Any help will be appreciated.

As you are aware, a Carnet (French for book of tickets) is for temporary movement of goods only. If anything goes wrong then it will cause some problems. Our advice is to notify the issuing Chamber of Commerce in the UK as soon as possible so they can guide you through the cancellation procedure. Cancellation of a Carnet has to be negotiated with customs in the overseas country where the goods are to remain. The temporary import entry that has been made against the carnet voucher needs to be amended to a permanent import with full payment of import duties and taxes. You will need assistance from your new Malaysian client to succeed. On payment of full duty/tax a "Duty receipt docket" should be issue by Malaysian Customs along with a stamped declaration of import. The re-export voucher of the carnet will not be irrelevant but ask Malaysian customs to duly stamped and endorse it as “cancelled/ duties paid”. The carnet should then be returned to the UK and submitted to the issuing chamber with a letter of explanation. You could be charged a fine or penalised in some way for this “mis-use”, eg the chamber may refuse to grant further carnet to the company or hold on to your guarantee for the full 33 months. 


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