Our customer in Brazil has asked us to remove the tariff code number from our invoice because it causes problems at import. Can you explain this; all our invoices show the tariff code.

  It is possible that the tariff number you quote on your invoice does not correspond to codes used in Brazil. Although Brazil use the same basis for their tariff (Harmonised System) and will have the same first 4-digits in their tariff they do not use exactly the same 8 digits as the EC. If Brazilian Customs cannot relate the code you quote to their regulations this could delay import and potentially lead to problems and increased duty charges being levied. It is not a legal requirement to have the tariff number on the invoice at export so remove it, but ensure you still notify the freight forwarder in writing of the correct code so they can complete the export declaration correctly. This situation may apply to other countries outside the EC. You can view most countries’ tariff codes and duty rates by accessing the EU Market Access Database web-site (http://mkaccdb.eu.int); it is not on the worldwide web as access is restricted to EC companies only.


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