If items are brought into the UK for repair from the USA and the Importer of Record does not have an IPR authorisation are there any schemes they could utilise to reduce the VAT and duty?

Under the UK/EC import duty relief schemes any EORI registered company (formerly known as the VAT number) can apply for Inward processing relief (IPR) at the time of arrival of the goods under the simplified procedure (called Authorisation by Customs Declaration) covered by CPC 51.00.001 and Economic Code ECO02 for repair (but the goods must not be replaced). This suspends both duty and VAT on condition that a customs guarantee is in place to cover the amount, otherwise the amount must be paid and reclaimed later. The maximum usage of this system is 3 times in a 12 month period or £500k of goods value whichever is reached first. The application request is made on the C88/SAD import entry in Box 44. This gives 6 months for the repair and on export a Bill of Discharge BOD3 must be sent to the National Import Reliefs Unit (NIRU) in Belfast showing the export entry number under CPC 31.51.000. 


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