A colleague attended one of your export courses in London. He enjoyed it very much. In the section where you were talking about Incoterms and passage of risk from seller to buyer he said you mentioned The Invisible Man but he couldn't remember the exact context, I am curious about this, can you explain?

Delegates to export and import courses are asked whether they know what their cover is under their corporate or company insurances policies. When, as is common they respond by looking blank we then ask if they know the person responsible in the company for administration of group insurances. Delegates often travel in twos and when this question is asked they look at each and mouth the words “Do you know?” Following which they shake their head in a puzzled way. This happens so regularly that we have named the individual referred to as ‘The Invisible Man’ because he/or she is clearly of a shy retiring nature, not sufficiently bold or outgoing to advise the troops within the company of the various insurance protections available to them e g. Marine Risk (Transit Risk) Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Fire & Theft, Terrorist attack, Goods at Exhibitions etc. the list goes on. Management lack of appreciation of the virtues of Incoterms which clearly identify where risk passes from seller to buyer may be at the heart of this issue but how about joining in a new game: "Find the Invisible Man".


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