Do you know a simple way I can find out what taxes are in place in other member states of the EU?

If you are looking for import duty rates then you should access the Integrated Tariff in either paper form, the CD-Rom, HMRC website or the Europa website TARIC. You will need the commodity code (also know as tariff classification number) for the goods to do this. Other taxes can be found in a website recently launched by the European Commission - 'Taxes in Europe'. This on-line database provides information on the main taxes in force in the Member States. As with the TARIC, access is free for all users. The system contains information on around 500 taxes, as provided to the European Commission by the national authorities, including all main taxes in revenue terms (eg personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, VAT, excise duties), the main social security contributions but does not cover customs duties and tariff issues. The link is: 


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