Incoterms 2020 Rules

The Incoterms® Rules are a set of international commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  In use world-wide, they have been in existence since 1936 and provide an invaluable tool to exporters and importers in determining where cost and risk pass in international transactions involving the movement of goods.  The current set is Incoterms 2010 and came into force on 1st January 2011.  Revised every 10 years, ICC Incoterms®2020 will be released in Autumn 2019 with a UK launch event on 15th October 2019 in London. Find out more by visiting the dedicated ICC Incoterms®2020 webpages

Since the last revision in 2010, much has changed in global trade and, for UK/EU companies especially, uncertainty about future trading agreements means contract terms must be resilient and effective to minimise disruption to trade. Incoterms® 2020 rules consider the latest developments in commercial practice and updates and consolidates some of the former rules.   Although old Incoterms Rules never die the 2010 will still be valid in commercial contracts, but it is advisable to start using the new, more up-to-date terms as soon as possible.

Strong & Herd LLP offer a range of Incoterms 2020 products. These include Incoterms 2020 Training Courses, Incoterms 2020 Books, Incoterms 2020 Wallcharts and our new online training courses called Quick Guide to Incoterms ® Rules coming soon.

For this revision the ICC want to ensure that companies get the right standard of internationally recognised advice as they know the terms are still mis-understood.  The ICC-UK has recognised Strong & Herd’s expertise in this area, and we have been licensed by the ICC UK as an official training partner for the 2020 set.  

Simple mistakes can be easily avoided if ICC’s unique international expertise and resources are made accessible to, and utilised effectively by, businesses. With our courses you are assured of receiving accredited, world-class, certified training, support and practical expertise and delegates will receive an ICC-UK accredited training certificate

Incoterms Books

The new Guide to the Incoterms® 2020 Rules will be published by the ICC in the Autumn of 2019 though the rules come into effect on the 1st January 2020. Strong & Herd LLP are the official training partner of ICC-UK for the 2020 set.

Incoterms Wallcharts

Strong & Herd LLP will produce a new Incoterms 2020 Rules wallchart in 2 sizes to help importers and exporters "see at a glance" the cost, risk and additional responsibilities (such as supply chain security) of the new set of terms.

Incoterms 2020 Training

Incoterms Rules are a set of international commercial rules published by the ICC. A new set comes into force on 1st January 2020. S&H is an accredited training partner of the ICC-UK and our new Incoterms 2020 Training Courses are available from September 2019

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