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February 2018

1.  In Defence of Export Consultants

I was once asked to be a witness for a work colleague in his redundancy consultation during which the General Manager of the company told him that his 37 years of experience counted for nothing.  That was in the early 1990s and the shock has never left me.  It seems that these days expert advice is being degraded, with one of the more extreme examples being the questioning of scientific advice on climate change.  Having lived for nigh on 60 years it seems pretty clear to me that the UK climate has become significantly milder!  Read more

2.  Strengthening Export Credit Control

There are a few things, if any, more critical to an exporting company than getting paid!  One of the wonderful realities about exporting is that, even in very high-risk environments, the careful and sensible choice of payment method and payment term can mitigate against the possibility of non-payment  Read more

3.  Agents & Distributors - Getting the Right Ones

Many compnanies start their journey into international trade by reacting to enquiries or orders received.  Their products or services have attracted attention and are in demand, either through exhibiting them, advertising or editorialising, or because someone has told somebody else about them.  Buoyed by early experiences, companies then delve further into exporting.  Some take their own routes while others use the research services of government agencies or private consultants to learn more abouit the markets they are targeting.  Read more

January 2018

1.  What are the benefits of having a Customs Warehouse?

Well this is a very interesting question, especially in light of what is happening around the Brexit negotiations.  There are a lot of "what if's, whys's and wherefores" surrounding Brexit and its impact to trade within the UK, which leads into this fascinating question  Read more

2.  Exhibitions 2 - Following Up Enquiries

 It really shouldn't need to be said that the follow up of leads generated at an event is absolutely crucial and yet I have seen far too many examples where exhibitors felt they were 'far too busy' to go through the hastily written enquiries properly.   Read more

3.  How do you Value an International Market?

In the last fifteen years or so UK businesses have been encouraged to start trading (or to increase trade with) global market groupings or markets specific to different regions of the world.  Acronyms abound: CIVETS, BRICS and MINT being those that have been the most widely reported, but there are more.  As I write this, UK ministers are looking either at building a trade partnership with TPP (you kno, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the USA pullled out of shortly after Donald Trump was elected President) or joining this distant club as our country extrictes itself from a much more influential one on its doorstep.  Read more

4. The Global Misuse of Incoterms

This is not a new topic and of course, that is the big frustration - despite Incoterms reviews every decade there is still a huge problem, globally, with the misuse of Incoterms.  Read more

5.  Tips on applying for a Customs Warehouse

 In this ever changing world within Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, now that the exit from the EU is drawing closer by the day, what changes will companies adopt to embrace this major change when the UK ventures into a new era.  Whether it is good or bad for the UK  is down to individual opinions, but from a trade perspective we all know that changes are afoot at the end of March 2019 and we have to embrace change the way we embrace our children with trust, care and attention  Read more

6.  On the Subject of Food

One of the joys of travelling for business is that you have the chance to eat or sample a whole range of foods that you would probably not otherwise encounter.  Read more

December 2017

1.  Using Your Website as an Export Sales Tool

It isn't called the World Wide Web for nothing.

As the digital world has gradually become normal, it is already hard to remember what it was like to be a small business twenty years ago, when your market was what you could physically reach in person, by mail or by phone.  Now, even the smallest one man band invariably has a website, which means they have a window on the world.  A shop window.  Customers from Santiago Chile to Moscow can find them. Read more

2.  Exhibitions - Selecting, Planning & Participating

 "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half". John Wanamaker (1838-1922).  Read more

3.  The Slow Migration to Paperless Trade

The subject is not new, we have been talking about paperless trade and e-commerce for almost thirty years but progress has been painfully slow.  Looking at how quickly technology has advanced over the last thirty years it does seem strange that we are still couriering bills of lading all over the world and churning out multiple paper invoices covering every shipment.  The internet, email and mobile phone 'revolutions' have been relatively quick, so why is the international trade process lagging behind so far?  Some readers will recall that BOLERO was extablished in 1998 by a conglomerate of SWIFT, major logistics providers and the insurance industry to provide digital solutions across global supply chains.  The BOLERO system, a private sector venture, has achieved some traction and provides interesting solutions.  However, it is not widely used notwithstanding some excellent innovation and 'thought leadership' within the remit of international e-commerce. Read more



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