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December 2018

1.  Is International Trade Facilitation Working?

The quick answer to this question is 'probably not'. If it were working we would stop taking about it and would not need protocols such as the World Trade Organisation Trade Facilitation Agreement. One of the few things the author remembers of Latin from distant school days is that the word 'facilitation' is derived from 'to make something easy'. Readers are likely to agree that importing and exporting are, by no stretch of the imagination, easy! Read more 

2. Article 218: The Next Steps 

The triggering of Article 50 of the TFEU meant the UK could begin to negotiate an exit deal but it does not cover the negotiations required to set up a new future trading relationship. So, once the deal has been finalised the Brexit negotiations will move to another part of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union - Article 218. Read more

3. The Concept of Globally Networked Customs 

The concept of information sharing does not always sit comfortably between sovereign nations. Possibly the strangest element of the '5 Eyes', the five nations with an agreement to share intelligence information, is that, globally there are indeed only five such countries. Whilst the prime focus of national customs authorieis is to 'facilitate legitimate trade' this phrase, itself, rightly suggests a corresponding responsiblity to identify illegitmate trade.  Read more

November 2018

1.  AEO - Is it Worth Making an Application?

Firstly it must be made clear that this is not a note against any eligible business obtaining AEO status, it is just a warning that being an AEO in the United Kingdom is not a magic bullet and any business considering making an application shoould first ensure they are aware of the benefits and the associated costs.  It is also worth noting that AEO status is only granted to a business that "has dealings with Customs legislation". Read more

2.  The Future for Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding is traditionally hugely competitive and as service providers, forwarders have had to frequently adjust their operating models to align with the changing nature of cross border trade operations.Read more  

3.  How is the UK Doing in Relation to the4 WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

IThe World Trade Organisation TFA came into force in February 2017, much earlier than expected.  Under the terms of the agreement all member states of the WTO, less developing countries, were required to be operating to the requirements of the agreement by the time it came into force.  Read more

4.  Time to Act on Brexit 

As the political debates drag on and the outcome remains unclear, it's time for all businesses to prepare for the impact of a possible no deal Brexit in just over four months.

"We are getting closer to the deadline and it's crucially important to prepare for the impact," said Tim Hiscock, International Trade Advisor at Strong and Herd. "While nothing is certain, the sooner your business prepares for the changes, the more options you will have." Read more 

October 2018

1.  Export Pricing

It's a question that baffles lots of us and the answer can make the difference between success and failure.  The answer (and it doesn't matter what you're selling) is that it's worth what the buyer thinks it's worth to him Read more

2.  Vertical Integration in the Shipping Industry

Contemporary models for international supply chains usually incorporate Just in Time logistics solutions to enable a reduction in warehousing requirements and the need for too much cash tied up in inventory.  Read more 

3.  Democracy & Press Freedom and Why They Matter to Exporters

 When we research Latin American markets on behalf of British clients, I always make the point that looking just into GDP growth rate figures, or GDP per capita is not enough.  Read more


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