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April 2018

1.  Getting Your Goods to Market

Relationships are everything in business.  Every supplier, every customer, every contractor and every employee is an important cog in the machine. Read more

2.  Tales from the Road: Offices, Hotel Rooms & Bars

I've been involved in international trade since the late 1980s.  It took me several years to realise that I was missing out on a wealth of culture as I delved headlong into the work I was doing on each overseas trip.  During that time I missed out on seeing many of the world's Heritage Sites and some of the wonders of the natural world because my conscience told me I was out there to work and not as a tourist.  Read More

3.  The True Value of Market Research

I was visiting a new client last month.  They had no experience of exporting and frankly probably needed to focus more on building their domestic customer base before doing so.  Read More

March 2018

1.  Securing Your International Trade

When you are out there on your own, often in unfamiliar locations and remote from your office and its support services, it is really useful to have a high degree of certainty that if something does go wrong you have things in place to cope.  Like almost anything else in life, security in travel starts with good preparation.  Read more

2.  The Long Wait

It happens to anyone who travels, irrespective of whether the journey is for business or pleasure.  Delays in airports, ferry ports, or at either end of the Channel Tunnel are invevitable: the weather can cause delays and cancellations; technical problems; stringent foot and mouth hygiene measures; the lack of flight crew and even on one occasion the death of a ferry captain.  I've probably heard them all.   Read more

3.  Brexit - What's Happening and What Does it Mean for Exporters?

Just over a year ago, we looked at the anticipated effect of Brexit on businesses that trade internationally.  Not suprisingly, the article contained numerous caveats, ifs, buts and maybes.  At that time, only a few months had passed since the referendum and the detail of the kind of trade relationship the government would be seeking with the EU-27 was still being debated. Read more

4.    Exporting Humanitarian Cargoes

Humanitarian disasters, by the very nature, either come without warning, such as earthquakes, or are long term consequences of conflict, such as Syria.  Material support usually takes one, or more, of three elements.  Humanitarian agencies use of their own stockpiles of relief items, government procurements to the private sector and charitable donations.  Read more

February 2018

1.  In Defence of Export Consultants

I was once asked to be a witness for a work colleague in his redundancy consultation during which the General Manager of the company told him that his 37 years of experience counted for nothing.  That was in the early 1990s and the shock has never left me.  It seems that these days expert advice is being degraded, with one of the more extreme examples being the questioning of scientific advice on climate change.  Having lived for nigh on 60 years it seems pretty clear to me that the UK climate has become significantly milder!  Read more

2.  Strengthening Export Credit Control

There are a few things, if any, more critical to an exporting company than getting paid!  One of the wonderful realities about exporting is that, even in very high-risk environments, the careful and sensible choice of payment method and payment term can mitigate against the possibility of non-payment  Read more

3.  Agents & Distributors - Getting the Right Ones

Many companies start their journey into international trade by reacting to enquiries or orders received.  Their products or services have attracted attention and are in demand, either through exhibiting them, advertising or editorialising, or because someone has told somebody else about them.  Buoyed by early experiences, companies then delve further into exporting.  Some take their own routes while others use the research services of government agencies or private consultants to learn more abouit the markets they are targeting.  Read more

4.  Brexit Withdrawal Documents

March - October 2018 will see the decisive talks on the UK/ EU relationship arrangements once the UK have withdrawn from the European Union.  This will set out the "framework for future relations" on both trade and non-trade matters, according to the EU negotiator Michel Barnier.  Today (19 Feb 2018) Barnier is meeting the House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union (in Brussels) while on Wednesday (21 Feb 2018) he will meet the House of Lords EU Select Committee (again, in Brussels).  Read More





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