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Strong & Herd LLP articles on key international trade topics is a quick way to get an expert view of matters relating to export, import and customs procedures and international trade issues.  Written by S&H LLP partners or associates, these articles provide additional information and work in association with our blogs - import/export matters;  EU customs updates; Incoterms 2010 - and News section of the website.  In addition, S&HLLP members also have access to the "Did You Know?" up-date snippets (refreshed twice a month) posted in the members' only area where some of these details published in these articles started.   To become a member you just need to join our helpline and support service ONECALL

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June 2018

1. Is Language a Non-Tariff Barrier to Trade?

 With the coming into force of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement last year and increased focus has been apparent on tackling the non-tariff barriers to internationa trade.  Read more

2.  Incoterms - A Vital Element in Successful Exporting

Incoterms are more than just terminology.  By using them strategically, an exporter can win new business, do existing business better and increase profits.  Read More

May 2018

1.  Letter of Credit Discrepancies - Whose Fault?

Against all the odds and speculation over the last twenty years, the Letter of Credit has survived as an effective and well established international payment system.  Indeed, it is the only system that protects both the seller from payment risk and the buyer from non-performance of the sales contract - as evidenced by the docments presented to the nominated (checking) bank.  The system works perfectly when the documents presented by the exporter are "in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit."  In such cases, the exporter gets paid and the buyer receives the documents required for clearance and release of the cargo and also as, documentary, proof that the exporter hs performed the conditions and requirements of the sale contract.  Read more


April 2018

1.  Getting Your Goods to Market

Relationships are everything in business.  Every supplier, every customer, every contractor and every employee is an important cog in the machine. Read more

2.  Tales from the Road: Offices, Hotel Rooms & Bars

I've been involved in international trade since the late 1980s.  It took me several years to realise that I was missing out on a wealth of culture as I delved headlong into the work I was doing on each overseas trip.  During that time I missed out on seeing many of the world's Heritage Sites and some of the wonders of the natural world because my conscience told me I was out there to work and not as a tourist.  Read More

3.  The True Value of Market Research

I was visiting a new client last month.  They had no experience of exporting and frankly probably needed to focus more on building their domestic customer base before doing so.  Read More

4.  GDPR for exporters

The new legislation that protects personal data is due to come into force on 25th May.  Its restrictions apply to all businesses large and small and it's vital to plan for the new requirements, if you haven't done so already.  Read more


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