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Strong & Herd LLP articles on key international trade topics is a quick way to get an expert view of matters relating to export, import and customs procedures and related international trade issues.  Written by S&H LLP partners or associates, these articles provide additional information and work in association with our blogs - import/export matters;  EU customs updates; Incoterms 2010 - and News section of the website.

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Key articles in 2018 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • Incoterms - A Vital Element in Successful Exporting  Read More
  • Letters of Credit Discrepancies - Whose Fault? Read more
  • GDPR for Exporters  Read more
  • Brexit - What's Happening and What Does it Mean for Exporters?  Read more
  • Brexit: EU Withdrawal Documents Read More
  • What are the Benefits of having a Customs Warehouse  Read more


Key articles in 2017 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • HMRC Getting Tough with Customs Clearance Agents (and ignorance is no excuse)  read more
  • Letters of Credit - When will the Advising Bank Pay? read more
  • Brexit - What did the Romans ever do for us? read more
  • FTAs: A Panacea or Placebo? read more
  • Timber!!! What is FLEGT read more
  • Incoterms 2010 - DAP, DAT or DDP, is it D for Dangerous? read more


Key articles in 2016 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • Brexit: Harmonised Tariff Rates and Tariff Measures  read more
  • Common Customs Procedures and Customs Regulations read more
  • 80 Years of Incoterms Rules read more
  • Brexit, So What Happens Now? read more
  • Negotiation Techniques for Exporters read more


Key articles in 2015 include the following: (click on link above for full list)

  • How to handle an underperforming market  read more
  • Sales Techniques for Exporters  read more
  • Leading and Motivating a Representative read more
  • Creating an International Network read more
  • Forecasting International Sales read more


Key articles in 2014 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • Making a Stand - effective use of exhibitions for small businesses read more 
  • Making the Most of the HMRC complaints process read more
  • Understanding the Dual-Use List and the USA control system read more
  • What is an EORI? read more
  • Dangerous Goods, more than just fancy labels read more


Key articles in 2013 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • When is a Muffin not a Muffin? Read More 
  • Brief Introduction to Export Licensing Controls Read More
  • Incoterms 2010 - DAP, DAT or DDP: Is it D for Dangerous? Read More
  • Reasons for AEO - Authorised Economic Operator Status Read More
  • Pre Shipment Finance Using Export Documentary Collections - it is possible!  Read More
  • British Manufacturing in Latin America: Some Tips for International TradeRead More


Key articles in 2012 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • Evidence of Removal from the UK to EU (Ex-Works Sales) Read More
  • Agents and Distributors: The Latin American perspective Read more
  • Banks - negotiate under unconfirmed credits? Read More
  • Ye Olde Bill of Lading - A Tale Read More
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Implementing Incoterms ® 2010 Read More
  • Top Tips: Doing Business in Latin America Read More
  • Overview of EU Preferential Trade Agreementsread more


Key articles in 2011 include the following. (click on link above for full list)

  • Brief Guide to Trading in the EU  read more
  • Transferable Letters of CreditRead more
  • The Gentlement of The Excise - A Help? Or Hindrance? read more
  • A Guide to Profitable Importing read more
  • Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) read more
  • The Transportation of Dangerous Goods read more
  • History of Customs Duty and the Tariff   read more
  • Overview of Intellectual Property Rights  read more 
  • Brief Guide to Tariff Classification Read more
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