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Strong & Herd LLP articles on key international trade topics is a quick way to get an expert view of matters relating to export, import and customs procedures and related international trade issues.  Written by S&H LLP partners or associates, these articles provide additional information and work in association with our blogs - import/export matters;  EU customs updates; Incoterms 2010 - and News section of the website.

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December 2011

1. GHS Update read more

2. Brief Guide to Trading in the EU  read more


November 2011:

1. They Tax, We Export (Part 2) read more

2. Transferable Letters of CreditRead more

3. Just Make it Happen! read more

4. Routes to Market read more


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October 2011:

1. Selecting Markets for New Exporters - Where do I begin? read more

2. The Top 5 Problems with Letters of Credit  read more

3. The Gentlement of The Excise - A Help? Or Hindrance? read more

4. Trade For Good: The New Best Selling Book by Kevin Shakespeare read more

5. They Tax, We Export... read more


September 2011:

1. A Guide to Profitable Importing read more

2. Institute of Export NW Event  read more

3. Financing Transactions with Letters of Credit read more

4. Green Paper on EU Export Controls read more

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 August 2011

1. First Steps to Exporting read more

2.  Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) read more


 July 2011:

1. So What is a Micro-Multinational? read more

2. Dealing with an Unexpected Overseas Enquiry read more

3. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods read more

4. Pricing for Export read more

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June 2011:

1. 4 Tips on Participation in Trade Shows read more

2. The General Interpretative Rules (GIRs) read more

3. EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement read more


May 2011:

1. History of Customs Duty and the Tariff   read more

2. Reporting System for Distributors  read more

3. Overview of Intellectual Property Rights  read more 

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April 2011:

1. Tips on Handling Agents & Distributors  Read more

2. The Japanese earthquake and its effect on the electronics industry  Read more

3. Brief Introduction to Inward Processing Relief - IPR  Read more


March 2011:

1. The Regulators in International Trade Read more

2. Guide to attending International Trade shows Read more

3. Brief Guide to Tariff Classification Read more


February 2011:

1. ATA Carnets: What if something goes wrong? Read more

2. Tips on Overseas Market Visits Read more

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January 2011:

1. Incoterms Rules Read more

2. The ATA Carnet System Read more

3. Managing Overseas Distributors: Stock levels  Read more


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