UK Export Documentation

Test yourself on your knowledge of the UK Export Procedures and Documentation.

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1. What do the following abbreviations stand for?

a) NES

b) UCR



2. What is the pre-shipment inspection (PSI) certificate called?


3. Under a FCA contract your customer selects a forwarder you have never used before for the air freight shipment. Can you issue an aviation security certificate? Why?


4. What are the steps you must take to check that your goods qualify for preference before issuing an EUR1 form?


5. Under the EUR system of preference, there are two ways an invoice statement may replace the full EUR1 document. What are they?


6. What does it mean if document have to be legalised? To which country(ies) does this generally apply?


7. What is a black list certificate and when may you be requested to issue one?


8. For what reason(s) may your customer require a Certificate of Origin?


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