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Posted November 2013  

Q1. Which of the following countries has a border with Pakistan? India, Iran, China or Afghanistan – there is more than one correct

Q2. The opening track on The Beatles' 1966 album Revolver written by George Harrison commented on which government official?

Q3. Who is Belfast City Airport named after?

Q4.  The Indian City once known as Madras is now called what?

Q5. Toyota of Japan originally manufactured what before moving into car production in 1933?

Q6. Which was the first country in the world to ban the use of plastic bags in 2002?

Q7.  Whose comment on marketing techniques was: “If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said faster horses”?

Q8. In which song, Lonnie Donegan hit 1950’s, is pig iron smuggled across a border as livestock (pigs) to avoid the payment of duties?


Posted October 2013 

Q1. Between which two cities did the original Orient Express travel on its first non-stop route in 1889?

Q2. In which year did Ceylon change its name to Sri Lanka?

Q3. Malcolm McLean "invented" what while waiting for his truck to be unloaded at an American seaport in the 1930's? It significantly changed international trade shipments.

Q4. Which US President signed the Tariff Act on the 4th July 1789 setting up US Customs and authorising the collection of duties on imported goods?

Q5. In the 16th and C17th Century which type of tax was known as the "convenient tax” because it was easy to calculate and collect and went straight into the King or Queen’s pocket?

Q6. In which year did the two UK tax offices - Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise - merge to become HM Revenue & Customs

Q7. In 2010 which country was 10th in the world league table of exporters of merchandise?


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Posted September 2013 

Q1. Can you name the 5 countries formerly of the Soviet Union whose names end in -STAN?

Q2. Known as "the Uncle of Europe" Edward VII is widely associated with which historic agreement?

Q3. In 1978 the British band The Motors had a UK chart hit with which song - linked to travel?

Q4. Which fictional character’s cover (in the books) was working for the import/export company called the Continental Trading Co.?

Q5. Who was the original character to go around the world in 80 days?

Q6. Which footballer was sold from a UK team to Inter Milan in 1995 under cover of a letter of credit?

Q7. Which is the busiest cargo airport in the world (on volume)?

Q8. Mumbai, in India, was formerly known as what?

Q9. Due to poor market research which car didn’t sell in South America under its European name?


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Posted August 2013 

  Q1. In July 2011 South Sudan became an independent country in Africa – what was the country which emerged in 1993 after splitting from Ethiopia?

Q2. Which country is named after the India word for Big Village?

Q3. In which year did UPS open its first office in the UK?

Q4. The UK Forestry Commission was set up to ensure there would be no shortage of pit props in a future war – but when?

Q5. What is a “company chop”?

Q6. Which 2003 romantic comedy begins and ends in an airport terminal?

Q7.  In which stage musical do the actors as trains sing “Freight is great Don't you wish you'd thought of that?”

Q8. What country ceased to exist on the 25th December 1991? 

Q9. Who declared England to be a nation of shopkeepers? 

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Posted July 2013 

Q1. The lifting of the Reinheitsgebot Law in Germany in the 1990’s led to the increase in exports of which product?  Beer? Chocolate? Cheese? Wine?

Q2.  In what year did the Dunedin ship complete the first successful transportation of refrigerated meat across the world?

Q3.  OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries had a 73% share of world trade in 1992 – what is that percentage now for the 30 member countries?

Q4.  Where is the Frederic Chopin Airport (airport code WAW)?

Q5.  The 1st recorded cargo from America landed at Liverpool in what year? 

Q6. A new country was formed in Africa on 9th July 2011 – what is it called?

Q7. The American embassy in which city is the largest and most expensive of any embassy in the world?

Q8.  What is the longest country in the world as measured in the north-south direction?

Q9.  According to a recent report, which product is said to be the most likely to be subject to pilferage and theft; so much so that often shippers send 25% more in each shipment?


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Posted June 2013

Q1. What second-most populous nation in Africa is also the most populous landlocked nation in the world?

Q2. The Ostend Manifesto was a document written in 1854 that described the rationale for the United States to purchase what island from Spain?

Q3. By repute, where is the largest gold repository in the world?

Q4. The area of Pudong is the financial centre for which city?

Q5. Inter-company trade is said to be what percentage of the total international trade figures?

Q6. In a league table of supply chain risk which products came first?

Q7. One of the biggest areas of controversies in international trade agreements is to do with which product area?

Q8. The widening gap between technologically advanced and less advanced nations is referred to as, what?

Q9. What is it called when the government places limits on the number of a given good that can be imported?

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Posted April 2013

Q1. What is the capital of the autonomous African region South Sudan that became an independent country on 9th July, 2011?

Q2. The economic grouping acronym BRIC that referred to Brazil, Russia, India and China was changed to BRICS in 2011 to include what country?

Q3. What NATO country with a unique geographic position is the only one with no standing army? No navy either!

Q4. The script of Thuluth, a variety of Islamic calligraphy, is seen on the flag of what country?

Q5. In 1999, which country relinquished its claim on Macau handing it over to China (as UK had done 2 years earlier with Hong Kong)?

Q6. In the 2011 list of cities with Fortune Global 500 companies, which city topped with 47 companies?

Q7. According to a study by global brands agency Millward Brown released in May 2011, which company overtook Google as the world's most valuable brand?

Q8. What company that was the fourth most valuable brand in the world after as recently as fifteen years ago filed for bankruptcy in January 2012 having failed to adapt to the digital age?

Q9. According to an International Trade textbook by Alvin Toffler, which is the largest Multinational Company (MNC) in the world? It is also the biggest private employer in the world.


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Posted January 2013

Q1. In which year was the certification of export documents, eg Certificates of Origin, first internationally regularised?

Q2. In what year was the first British passport issued?

Q3. Out of the ten most populous islands in the world, only 2 are outside Asia and one of these is the 3rd most populous – what is it?

Q4. Which tiny European nation claims itself to be the oldest recorded sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world?

Q5. Nearly 3/4 of the Amazon rain-forest is in Brazil (60%) and what other country?

Q6. Which company whose name means 'light from the gods' is the world's largest producer of guided missiles?

Q7. Which economic theory that was the dominant school of thought throughout the early modern period holds that the prosperity of a nation is dependent upon its supply of capital and that the global volume of international trade is unchangeable?

Q8. Which packaging material was invented by sealing two shower curtains together by two engineers who intended it as wallpaper?

Q9. In economics, what type of commodity is a "Giffen" good which violates a cardinal law?



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Posted November 2013                              return to questions

A1.  They all do! Pakistan has borders with India, Iran, China and Afghanistan

A2.  The Tax Man

A3. The footballer – George Best

A4.  Chennai

A5. Textile machinery

A6. Pakistan

A7. Henry Ford


A8. The Rock Island Line


Posted OCTOBER 2013                              return to questions

A1. The Orient Express travelled between Paris and Istanbul on its first non-stop route in 1889

A2. It was 22nd May 1972 when Ceylon became a Republic and changed it's name to Sri Lanka, it also joined the Commonwealth of Nations.

A3. Malcolm McLean, while waiting for his truck to be off-loaded dreamt up the sea freight container. The first purpose-build container vessels began operating In Denmark and between Seattle and Alaska in 1951 and McLean's own first container ship the "ideal X" started moving freight between Newark, New Jersey and Houston, Texas in 1956. It carried 58 metal containers of freight.

A4. It was George Washington who passed the 1789 Tariff Act after which, on the 31st July, an Act of Congress established US Customs and the official entry ports. Customs duties became the made funding for the new nation.

A5. Customs duty was known as the convenient tax - until other taxes it was paid to the monarch not to the treasury.

A6. HM Customs & Excise merged with the Inland Revenue in the United Kingdom in 2005

A7. The UK

Posted SEPTEMBER 2013                              return to questions

A1. Ending in STAN are - Kazakh, Krygyz, Tajiki, Turkmeni and Uzbek

A2. Entente Cordiale

A3. The Motors 1978 hit (No.4 in UK Charts) was called Airport

A4. James Bond

A5. Philieas Fogg

A6. Paul Ince

A7. Memphis - it's Fedex's main cargo hub

A8. Bombay

A9. Vauxhall NOVA = Spanish for won't go

Posted AUGUST 2013                              return to questions

A1.  Eritrea

A2.  Canada

A3. 1985

A4. 1919 - after the First World War

A5. An old phrase for the company stamp or seal, used in the Far East

A6. Love Actually

A7. Starlight Express

A8. The Soviet Union

A9. Napoleon Bonaparte

Posted JULY 2013                              return to questions

A1.  Beer

A2.  1882 – lamb from NZ to London UK

A3.  Down to 64% - thanks to BRIICS

A4.  Warsaw Poland

A5.  1648

A6.  South Sudan

A7.  Baghdad: It opened in January 2009 and at 440,000 square meters it is nearly as large as Vatican City.

A8. Chile: It is 4,300 kilometres (2,700 mi) long and on average 175 kilometres (109 mi) wide.

A9. Cheese

Posted June 2013

A1. Ethiopia

A2. Cuba

A3. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan

A4. Shanghai

A5. 50%

A6. Food and Drink

A7. Argiculture

A8. The digital divide

A9. Quotas


Posted April 2013


A1. Juba

A2. South Africa

A3. Iceland

A4. Saudi Arabia

A5. Portugal

A6. Tokyo (then Beijing with 41, and Paris with 23)

A7. Apple

A8. Kodak

A9. Wal-Mart



Posted January 2013

A1. 1923

A2. 1414 (called a “safe conduct” document)

A3. UK (Hispaniola is the other outside of Asia at 10th place. The most populous are Java (Indonesia) and Honshu (Japan).

A4. San Marino

A5. Peru - The forest region includes territory belonging to nine nations with minor amounts in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and France (French Guiana).

A6. Raytheon

A7. Mercantilism

A8. Bubble wrap

A9. Something that people consume more of when its price increases, violating the law of demand


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