Final day and a look into the future - products for HS2022

The final Day 5 at the WCO and we are now into day 3 of 3 of the Harmonised System presented by Mr Izaak Wind and Mr Tom Beris

Again, all the sessions were well attended, and the final day’s first session is about section XVI of the HS with some specific sections and chapter notes relating to chapters 84 and 85 of the HS nomenclature. This section has proven to be one of the most complicated sections as there are many conflicts, so you have to keep referring to the chapter notes and read them carefully. As you can imagine this again was open to much debate, especially when Izaak  showed slides relating to EU court cases where rulings had been given.  I know you will find it hard to believe, but there was even a delegate from HMRC in attendance, and I am not sure who was surprised the most, me or him. He did however say he had an uphill battle to get it approved by his boss though.

The 2nd session of this day was covered by Tom Beris regarding the classification of articles in the high tech area, for example 3D printers, Hoverboards, ADP’s and electronic smoking products and further discussion about the introduction of products for the new 2022 HS Nomenclature.

Well I had to scratch my head when ADP’s are mentioned. What does this mean I thought, well it means Automatic Data Processing machine, or to the majority of us a COMPUTER, LAPTOP, TABLET. I am reliably informed that in the WCO if you use the word computer instead of ADP, it is seen like a swear word and frowned upon, so remember if you are in the WCO remember to use the word ADP if you mean a computer or a laptop etc.

The afternoon session Tom continued with his presentation for products under discussion for the 2022 HS Nomenclature, and shared with us several products that are currently under the HSC (Harmonised System Committee) for consideration and asked the delegates to share  their opinions of products that are up for discussion. As you can imagine this opened up the floor to lots of interaction and debate from various delegates. One question that springs to mind that got everyone thinking was “when is a cigarette not a cigarette”, especially when the market is constantly changing the development of e-type cigarettes to include tobacco like substances.

The final session was a general Q+A followed by the attendance certificate presentations to all the delegates, so yes I have one, photos of which will be available I am sure on the WCO website soon.

Well, it has been an intensive 5 days, but most enjoyable, especially meeting new friends from around the world and sharing experiences, so if anyone is interested in attending these training courses by the WCO, then I would highly recommend it. They are  very informative and you have direct access to the experts who sit on various committees, so it can provide a great platform for more higher level discussion and gather additional information that may not otherwise be available.


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