Indian AEO Scheme

Posted on: 23/08/2011

23rd August 2011 - Indian Customs made the following statement with regard to the implementation of the Indian Authorised Economic Operator supply chain security procedure.

In view of growing concern amongst Customs administrations about the threat posed through misuse of channels of import and export, there is a need to ensure security in global supply chain in international movement of goods.  Keeping this in view, CBEC has finalized the ‘Authorized Economic Operators’ (AEO) programme for implementation to secure supply chain of imported and export goods.  This programme has been developed pursuant to guidelines of WCO adopted in SAFE FoS (Framework of Standard) in 2005. Many Customs administrations have already instituted AEO programmes or similar programmes which share a common objective of ensuring security in global supply chain from the point of origin i.e. the point of export to import in the receiving country, keeping in view national requirements of respective administrations.

Read more at: Circular 37/2011

Here are the announced as per the following time lines:





Announcement of AEO programme


Receipt of applications for pilots

By 15.9.2011

Scrutiny of applications for pilots

 By 30.9.2011

Selection of 3 pilots and intimation thereof

 By 15.10.2011

Validation process including field visits for pilots

 15.10.2011  -  15.1.2012

Decision on grant of AEO status




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