Additional duties on USA originating goods

Posted on: 29/04/2013

EU importers of certain products will be required to pay an additional 26% customs duty into the EU from the US from 1 May 2013.  This measure goes back to 2002 when the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that the US practice of distributing funds raised from anti-dumping measures to the US complainants was illegal, and permitted the EU and eight other countries to impose retaliatory measures.  Since 2005, a number of products manufactured in the US have been subject to retaliatory measures in the form of additional customs duties, charged at import. The measures initially were applied to a wide range of products, but currently measures have been dropped on all but 3 commodity codes. These have been subject to an additional 6% customs duty, which will rise to 26% on 1 May 2013. In addition, two further commodity codes have been added; this will affect the following commodity codes:

07104000 - sweetcorn: 6204623110 and 6204623190 – ladies’ trousers: 87051000 – crane lorries: 9003190010 –spectacle frames

Effective 1st May 2013

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