UCC Delegated Acts accepted by EU

Posted on: 10/09/2015

The European Commission has adopted the Union Customs Code (UCC) Delegated Aplanned timetable has also been published of the legislation and the major changes from current processes and procedures

The basic principles of the UCC are to:

  • streamline customs legislation and procedures
  • offer greater legal certainty and uniformity to businesses
  • increase clarity for customs officials throughout the EU
  • simplify customs rules and procedures in order to facilitate more efficient customs transactions in line with modern day needs
  • complete the shift by customs to a paperless and fully electronic environment
  • reinforce quicker customs procedures for compliant and trustworthy economic operators (Authorised Economic Operators (AEO)

Planned timeline:



28 July 2015

the Commission formally adopted the text of the Delegated Act supplementing the UCC

20 August 2015

The EU Council and European Parliament (EP) have 2 months from this date to consider the text and raise possible objections

7 September 2015 to 8 September 2015

The Customs Code Committee will discuss the final draft of the Implementing Act released by the Commission on 3 July 2015

Late October to early November 2015

The approved text of both Acts will be published in the Official Journal shortly after the Implementing Act is adopted

1 May 2016

The UCC and the supplementing Commission Regulations will apply from this date

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