UK PM Brexit speech calls for compromise

Posted on: 02/03/2018

Theresa May calls for Brexit compromise from both sides. UK prime minister also says that access to the EU market will be lower after Brexit. PM speech sets out the five tests for the future partnership with the EU:

  1. Respect the result of the referendum - regain control of laws, borders and money, while recognizing the referendum “was not a vote for a distant relationship with our neighbors”
  2. Be an enduring agreement;
  3. Protect people’s jobs and security;
  4. Deliver an outcome consistent with the kind of country we want to be;
  5. Strengthen our Union of nations and bring our country back together.  partnership and a highly streamlined customs arrangement, as well as some specific provisions for the unique situation in Northern Ireland

She also points again to the two options for a customs relationship post-Brexit, as originally set out in the Future Customs Partnership Paper last year:

1. A dual-customs option where goods destined for the EU will be imported into the UK under the Customs Union rules, customs duties and tariff regulations so they can be called "in free circulation" and move into EU member states without restrictions.  Alternatively goods destined for UK domestic or export markets will be subject to the UK based customs rules, duties and tariff regulations

2. A deep, comprehensive partnership agreement.



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