Brexit - urgent action required - CE Marking

Posted on: 14/09/2018

The government issued Notice 'Trading goods regulated under the ‘New Approach’ if there’s no Brexit deal" on 13th September.

The notice affects companies who produce or trade goods that are subject to EU produc safety standards, for example those that are required to carry the CE conformity mark or the Wheel Mark of conformity as used for maritime products.

The actions described in the notice would only aply in the event of the United Kingdom leaving the EU without a deal, which the government believes in unlikely.

If there is no deal, a new UK conformity mark and system will be introduced, which at the point of departure will be identical to the requirements of the EU 'new approach.' To distribute products that come under the current requirements, the new mark will need to be applied in respect of new products, for which conformity rules will not change. Products that already carry the CE mark will not have to make any changes.

Manufacturers placing products on the EU internal market should note:

  • Products which were tested by a UK-based notified body will need to be retested by an EU-recognised conformity assessment body before placing on the EU internal market (A list of EU-recognised conformity assessment bodies can be found on the NANDO database. After March 2019, in a no deal scenario UK-based bodies will no longer be listed on this database).
  • Alternatively, manufacturers can seek to arrange for their files to be transferred to an EU-recognised notified body to allow for certificates of conformity issued by a UK-based notified body to continue to be valid.
  • In either of the scenarios above, products where third-party testing is required would need to be re-marked with the new EU-recognised notified body’s four-digit number.

​Companies that may be affected by this notice should seek advice on the necessary actions to ensure that their trade is not delayed in this scenario.



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