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The Union Customs Code (UCC) is the rewrite of the European Union's Customs Regulations.  It entered into force on 30 October 2013 (Regulation 952/2013) but only to allow negotiations on the implementation of this law.  Since then the European Commission started writing the two Acts that brought the UCC into law on the 1st May 2016 (deferred to 3rd May 2016 in UK due to bank holiday weekend).  These Acts are known as the Delegated Acts and the Implementing Acts.  Not all of the UCC happened on the 1st May 2016 as there are staged implementation of some areas to permit customs authorities to develop the software and procedures.  Full implementation is expected by the end of 2020.  To make this staged implementation clearer the EU have also issued Transitional Delegated Acts.  All of these can be found on the European Commission website READ MORE

On the 1st May 2016 the UCC replaced the Community Customs Code except in areas where traders are operating under Transitional Arrangements with authorisation granted before the UCC was implementd.


The UCC affect all companies involved in international trade but particularly in the following areas:

  • Special Customs Procedures - eg Inward Processing, Customs Warehousing, End-Use relief, etc
  • Simplified Procedures - eg LCP, SDP, CFSP
  • Introduction of the requirement to cover actual and potential customs debt with a financial guarantee
  • Valuation Rules at Import
  • Origin Rules at export - as the UCC no longer gives EU non-preference origin rules for export only import
  • Preferential Trade (eg Approved Exporter Status and Long Term Supplier Declaration)
  • Transit of goods around/ through the EU
  • Status of goods, Non-Union and Union Goodseg T1/T2
  • Accreditation of companies under the Authorised Economic Operator scheme
  • Supply Chain Safety and Security

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